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I'd give her a ten
if i had to rate her
when i saw her downtown
i wanted to date her
when i finally got her home
i couldn't wait to inflate her
i bought her a wig
and i named her chantel
she was the girl for me
i could just tell
that's when i put my lips on her valve
she even had that new car smell
when she gets low and she's starting to slump
she don't need xanax just a bicycle pump
she never goes flat she always stays in great shape
don't need a plastic surgeon
just a roller duct tape
she likes to play rough so sometimes i push her down
(yes i do)
but she bounces back up and makes the cutest little squeaky sound
one time i pumped her and she just went round and round
i took her on vacation along it was nice
i joined the mile high club with my flotation device
wearing my ray bans and looking so cool
sipping on a mai thai
floating on her river pool
she never complains
cause she ain't a whiner
man i've seen a lot of girls
there ain't nobody finer
she got a tattoo right by her coochie says made in china
when it comes to my world man she can rock it
and when we're done she fits in my back pocket
funny thing is my wife loves her too
cause it's one last thing that she has to do

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