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"I'm not guilty ahahaha
Does that include the time I stole a
Comic Book when I was 5 years old?
Aha! I'm not guilty of the charges that
Have been filed against me" [end insert]
{hits joint}Ah! Yeah! {hits joint}
Sensational {hits joint} rocking the orthodox hip hop
This is how I do when I strictly rock the spot hahahahaha
Yea this chunk of bliss, yeah
I party properly, here it goes...
Here we- {laughs} Yo, you can take that back? Yo Yo
{record spins}
I party properly howa be clockin' me
I tell em the time be freaky freaky
I script this apocryphal sensational
Avenue pimp and hustla
My lectures the vehicle
I'm skipping off the scene
Woofers get up off the side of my
Mentality running to the beat like gin
Piss poor getting me slobbed by ladies on the job
Freaky in erred
After hours your bad can kiss myself like I'm James Brown
Hip Hop soul-full
Like my tank not full of sugar, but bank
When I'm on the microphone I always do my thang
We rode the mainstream
Chunk of bliss is how it be
When I
Be on the scene
Hitting you for balls that be open
Beautiful jump up location
As I don't stash
I'm like my nephew Travis "Da Menace"
Fat ladies' pick and looking for credit
Fuckin' with my production intelligence don't know ma's queef from fast or
No friction chillity
I always blow with the most
Definitely feeling it To me
A whack emcee could never be
I be with herb kicking the verb
That you hear and heard
Cool out on the couch
While I flick an ounce and
Enter foot in your mouth
Akinyele style with the Brooklyn profile
You know I'm flippin' bucks and looking up
Pimpin' routine
Time flight blind your sight
In your ear
Making you say OH YEAH (OH YEAH)
Yeah it's all about me
I thought you knew that
Throw rocks and pull the global
With the hip-hop
And it just don't stop
WordSound that could never be erased
I'm a motherfuckin' one man band
No debate
In what I got
To do with this pace
Is expensive taste {taste echo}
{DJ scratching throughout} "Set this bitch on fire"
[Sensational ]
Like this like this
And like that
Note...with the... overweight..fat
"One thing is sure- I'll never play with matches again"
[End insert]

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