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Costly, the light of the moon
Saturated in red
Cast the blood on the stone
My Sacrifice
Blood sacrifice
Spare the horses
Spare the bats
Spare the chickens,
Dogs and cats
Spare the oxen
Spare the plant
Lofty dove and
Lowly ant
When the Ax is free again
The mortal's cursed reign shall end
Slay the ones who chop and cut
Slay them in their wooden huts
Slay the ones who slay the birds
Slay the ones who speak with words
Slay the ones with tools and games
Slay the ones who's gods have names
And as I watch the slaughter
My kingdom swiftly ends
I recognize the slayers
They are my childhood friends
The blood-ax strangely silent
As all these mortals die
Together we could save them
But I've no will to try Why....?
Of the wood you are
Soil and dust you are
Of the Stone you are
Wind and rain you are
Not of human mind
Nor of mortal life
Yes you are my son
And your work is done
See me as the creator
Of your destiny
You have a void to fill
Full with your elusive life
You are He

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