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Christmas All Over the World - text

All my life, I tried to do what's right
First star I see tonight, make my wish come true
Why can't we, join hands around one tree
Let live and let it be
Make Christmas last forever
When Santa's flying in his magic sleigh
Goes all around the world in just a day
From the North Pole to the southern tip
He makes his trip with love to give away
Here him say....
[Chorus 1]
It's Christmas...all over the world tonight
It's Christmas...all over the world
All my life, I learned if I was good
Did everything I should
My dreams would all come true
I can see, a special time when we
Join hands around one tree
And make Christmas last forever
[Chorus 2]
It's Christmas...all over the world tonight (all over the world)
It's Christmas...all over the world.

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