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Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years) - text

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Feeding off of my cold insides was the doubt instilled around me
Second guessing
Not impressing
Silence will hide it
My existence is subpar when pity's obsolete
Campus is closed
Students go home
I sulk in bed
But the person laying beside me holds on
Partially saving me
Bracing the insecurities
You stayed nudging me gently
Thank you, truly, for the love
Velvet sheets place of confession
Safety blanket - your gift to me
Feeding off of my nervous mind was the damage done inside me
Self inflicting
Capsules will hide it
Fuck the feeling I get when she tried to comfort me
What could she do?
Suffocate on 1st Avenue
This was not the way I wanted it to be
This was not the way you wanted it for me
Taking measures to sever and resign
On repeat
On repeat
Take your feelings and cleanse yourself of mine
Slip away
Toss my things
Self inflicting
Anger will hide it
Fuck the feeling I felt when she finally had enough
To my chagrin, I watched her love for me begin to
Burn nice and slow
Burn nice and slow
Burn nice and slow
Burn up

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