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Frozen in my chair in statue stillness
In aimless wonder my thoughts wander
Just one small step beyond what’s real
One giant leap into the dream

Objects strewn about you
Spring to life at will
Motionless you observe
Fear, inside you builds
These on-tap nightmares are commonplace
They’ll turn a fine young man into a disgrace
It’s a matter of common sense
But you continue non-the-less

The smoke-filled room now holds you captive
You’re subject to its choice torments

You’ve got to escape it
Now and then it’s fun
But once you start to live it
Out of time, you’ll run
Think clearly while you still have the time
To waste your life away would be a crime!
M.E.S. M.E.S. M.E.S. M.E.S.

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If at First You Don't Succeed... (+ Bonuses From 2011 Reissue)

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