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I was born on a freezing cold morning,
Too young to know what was going on but old enough to resent it…
Am I really gonna change, will I ever feel something?
« why don’t you leave me alone »
Our lives shot down in flames, we must remain the same without you…
You’re so shut up tight inside!
Innocence and joy forever gone,
Feeling so powerless in front of pain.
Living is like dancing barefoot on broken glass,
Physical pain is better than feeling nothing.
And deep down only silence remained…
Deep down… No one…
We do not mourn,
We undertake grief!
Mistakes made me who I am,
Just like good things coming out of chaos.
I’m falling into the eyes of affliction!
I dreamed that you were still alive last night…
Enter the realm of the dead!
Embrace universal pain!
Open up inside…
We do not mourn,
We undertake grief!

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Chapter I: Inconsolabilis (EP)


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