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We sprang from where the winds have colours
Drummed with the bones
Galloped through the clouds
Over wastelands we roamed
Wolves from the windswept plain
Bound by brotherhood
Ran with the doe and deer
Loved when we could

Pulse to the heart of the drum
Out of the dak thundering hooves
Tearing out of the heart
Cloak of night, always on the move
No one can steal our freedom
Wolf light, eagle's wing
Out of the body and into the dream

Legions of chariots came to pin us down
Tried to build their walls around us
Nail us to the ground
We fired our arrows with a Kurgan's grip
Where the spirit flies
They never matched our strength
Never matched our eye...

By the light, glowing bright
Endless day, endless night
Why must we fight for every night
Why must we fight for every light

Wolf light...wolf light

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