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Turn This Island Earth - text


A starfish in a sea of dreams
A ride that's never ending
From a lost world into a spinning
Fairground in space
Shining teapot spilling a mother ship of fire
Aladdin's lamp pouring down the Milky Way
Big Dipper roller coaster jumping jack exploding
Night and day you've whirling on a ferris wheel

Turn this Island Earth

A red shift cluster bright
Signal from the other side
Lampwick and Slats are laughing
Beyond the speed of light years passing
All the shooting stars
Rings of Saturn calling a red planet blazing
The singing moans of Jupiter around your eyes

Turn this Island Earth

Looking back from where we are
City lights clusters of stars
While we fly
A jewel in the crown of a universe
Saphire blue in a golden starburst
Oceans of deep blue

Standing on the moon
Gazing at all the mountains in China
Mother Earth sleeping
With all her children inside her

Starbound spirits
Rising in mind out of time
Free from the bonds around us
Captives in waking mankind

Turn this Island Earth

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