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We're all toys of time
Up to the end
No one owns the night
Meanwhile the river bends
Lace lies and butterflies
Flying high above
Til these eyes have seen enough
The clock is always ticking
Hanging on the wall
The mirror's always cracked
Waiting for us all
A rose by any other name
Squandered in the dust
Til these eyes have seen enough
The currency that lingers
Far heavier then gold
The beauty of the first bloom
A fairytale of old
Torn into pieces
A childhood map of love
Til these Eyes have seen enough
Punch drunk in the wind
Your play is nearly run
The carpet snatched beneath you
Just when you're having fun
The cards are in your hand
It's time to call your bluff
Til these eyes have seen enough
Til these eyes have seen love

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