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Storm Is Coming - text


Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
The death camps are growing like mushrooms through dew
But this time the murdered are not only Jews
We kill every species, not just one or two

You'll go in the pit and then you'll be reborn
You won't feel the cold and you'll never get warm
And then you will take your place in the storm

Because storm, storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming

You may wonder why I create these creatures
Big on stench but short on redeeming features
I'll tell you if you meet me under the bleachers

Syn he is broken, The Master is vanquished
We've got a Skumship, no need to be banished
The comsos a buffet, and I'm fucking famished

I need an army - to lead into battle
And rape the elderly - drive them like cattle!
We're killing you - to come along
Our undead host - is now six billion strong

Because storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming
Storm-storm is coming

There's a storm coming... and you're gonna fucking die!

Ascend to space, the Skumdog ships, infested with the dead

Commander Adama is now on the bridge, he has no fucking head
Black void! Sorgo, Destroyer, ruined hulks lay burnt and broken
These are the war dogs of Nebulon, these dogs created for war...


Black void, overload, crest the solar filth
Bringing fire from all quarters, release the dogs of Nebulon
Array the host, the Nekro-Swarm, armored, gleaming humanoid
The chittering mass fills our sensor screen-
drive them back to the void

Slaughter, the cosmos scrubbed clean
Power - like none that I'd seen
GWAR - destroyers simply super
The usurped becomes usuper
Battle madness always spilling
Crackling chaos always killing
Zombie troopers rape the old
corpses float in zero-g

We are the Scumdog Soldiers, this is how we make war
Not happy just slaughtering species, the planet is clove to the core
Sometimes these hideous memories bring tears of joy to my scabby face
We are the Scumdogs and this is our war,
til' we burn the last world and kill the last race

Last race!

Text přidal Louis16

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