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Sick And Twisted - text


Sick and twisted
Sick and twisted
very bad
Crippled, crazy, sick and sad
Yes, a fouler thing has not existed
Yes, it's true I'm that sick and twisted

Sick and twisted
Bent and gnarled
Rigid, raving
Deeply scarred
Yes, I'm reviled
And I'm detested
Diseased and pleased
And crab-infested

Sick and twisted!!

Menageries I have molested
All my suits are double-breasted
Nothing sacred
Nothing sound
My ass is sagging
And my belly is round
My anus torn with years of trauma
Madly weeping drama-mama
Fisted deeply, with no friends
Yes, with me the bullshit never ends

Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!

Sick and twisted
Outta luck
But you know what?
I don't give a fuck
I lost it all
But it was my call
And all in all
I had me a ball
Sick and twisted
Been black listed
Feathers flew
But I persisted
I carry on
And only hope
To eat up crack
And shoot up dope
Yes, everything is sick and twisted
Everything is sick and twisted

Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Life is just a battlefield
A crushing force to which I will not yield
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and twisted!
Sick and Twisted!

Everytime that I see this place
It reminds me that I must destroy your race
Then I shit myself and I feel disgrace
So instead of toilet paper I just use your face
Living outside of society
Look at what it's done to me
I crave crack and P.C.P.
And I need a big old dildo rammed all up inside of me...
Living in pomp and pageantry
Hits and shits and butts and sluts
Everyone around me hates my guts

Text přidal Louis16

Video přidala Maribel

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