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Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
Through the space, through the stone
Where the Master grows his clones
Where the legions wage eternal war
We were born in this place
Slaughtering race after race
We were part of
The Scumdogs of the
Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Hey Hey! Hey Hey!
The Death Pod is leaving
The Death Pods dismissed
The Death Pod is coming
The Death Pod is pissed
Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
The Master he gave us tools to despoil all he ruled
Plasma cannons spewing death on anything that dared protrude
But we craved for power, the wars been getting sour
The Pod was built, millions kilt, and something that could kick my ass
Sucking the scrod, blowing my wad
Blowing my wad all over God Dismissed!
Foolish mortal you didn't barge in on the power of the Death Pod did ya?
Huh, huh? Well now you shall receive:
The heat-seeking moister missile Death Pod comes from the sky - it does
The day it came, the blood was rain
We harvested eternal pain
The battle raged for a billion years
But through the burning corpses pall
It was revealed that GWAR would fall
And were banished to this miserable mudball planet.

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Scumdogs Of The Universe

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