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When you drop off to
a deep sleep drop off under pressure
of a gloomy day
When you go ahead with virginal purity
To recast the diamond tear

You will find a Judas' kiss in it a renewed wounds' sign
A crimson face of a malefactor who mocks
Mocks at every lost day

Welcome in a dungeon of your adversities
The primary fear cramped your inside world
Welcome in a dungeon of your adversaries
Here your tear is born

Island, sell your patience
The one you master for years
Because it gives experience and a clue
How to melt the diamond tear

Do you remember the time
When something more connected us all
Every day is worth living
Every smile, aim, every dream
Why are you so tough, and why don't you laugh any longer
Why do you shed only your diamond tears
Why do you love no longer, no longer miss and sob
And you lose day by day in your life.

The tear glitters with a Judas' kiss
With a sign of renewed wounds
With a blazing face of malefactor who mocks
Mocks at every lost day.

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