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Feel the music - text

Music! (2X)

Times like this make me clench my fist
Then I'm caught up in the midst of the musical bliss
Guru, blow a kiss to the ladies in my corner
Caress the mic and kick my game like I wanna
What? You never see the brother Guru falter
Respect is due, praise me like the altar
The crew we're as true as they come son, we come from
ill life experience, and take rap serious
Feel the music

Chorus: Baybe

We hold the key, to our destiny
We can make it everybody
Feel the music
Just free your mind, sit back relax and unwind
To a higher plane we're going
Can you feel the music?

Music! (1X)

Original baldhead Crooklynite, rudebwoy instructor
I came back to lay down law, to the suckers
I'll crush ya, if you ain't actin like my brother
Make one false move and with the mic, I'll bust ya
Just lay back and feel the music


Music! (3X)

When I step into the club, I come to do work
No hesitation, because I'm fully alert
Like Max Julien, I'm an authentic Mack
Many others can't compare, I'll bet on that
Dialect and vocal tone, completely exact
I react, then I max in this mellow track
In fact, I'm knockin MC's out the frame
cause I'm smooth like jazz, Guru is my name
Feel the music *echoes*

Music! (1X)

Chorus 1/2

New reality.. a higher level of conciousness
Don't play yourself; get out of line and get stomped with this
Negativity is a chronic disease
But I'm like the cure, causin infections to freeze
I'm not gonna let up, until you get the picture
My sound gets around so you know I'm always with ya
Feel the music *echoes*

Music! (1X)

Chorus: repeat to end

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