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White witch at the riverbend
Beacon in the snow
Point me to the sacred land
Bring me eyesight of the crow

I've crossed the mountains
To the riddles of your song
Now I fear I'm going blind
Where do I belong?
Where do I belong?

I forgot my native tongue
The language of the free
I locked myself in a tower cell
And I swallowed down the key

This could be my living end
And I fear I'm going blind
White witch at the riverbed
I will linger for a sign

Soaring on the wind
Without a sound
Sheltered by your wings
My heart is winterbound
Finally made it home
And the world slows down
Lying in the snow
My heart is winterbound


Silence of the wilderness
The patience of the trees
Your song is growing louder still
Than the white noise in my ears

I am the traveler
It is everything I know
I was cold and I lost my way
Now the blizzards are my home

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