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well, now here I am
I did the best I can
before you on my knees
a broken man
I've lost everything
and then you took my clan
life is slipping through my fingers
what's your plan
you swear you'd never leave
and I believed in you
tell me what living sin
I did or I still do
where are your miracles
from which you have told
and why god in my heart
it feels so cold
my god father hear me
my god father see me
my god father show me – or will I be alone now
my god father save me
my god father tell me
my god father hold me – or will I be alone now
will I be alone now
once I promised
I would give my life for you
but your angel turned his back on me
seems I'm not worth to do
I thought you already know
what is there to prove
help me find my way
to find my truth
it gets dark around me
so dark that I can't see
great fear is growing in me – I feel so alone now
my blood's freezing in me
what I feel this can't be
even your angel's left me – alone now
all bridges are burned now
nothing left that guide my way
don't know where to turn now
am I worth it for another new day & yea – yea
is it your truth
is it my truth
man it's clear
you're in a better position
is it really worth
to live for you
or aren't you for real
just a human vision
who brings pure pain –
in his own name
maybe you are the devil in disguise
a clever
the constructor
of all our lies
endless confused –
fake or the truth
love & hate are standing side by side
but I must do
what I must do
don't wanna lose myself – my faith – my pride
send me a sign man
something that guides my way
something to believe
that I'm worth for another new day
can I still count on you?
can I still count on you?
yes – I can count on you!
cause you're in me – and I'm in you
yes sir I fold my hands –
look I really do
and after all my rage –
I still believe in you
father forgive me –
for my words – my thoughts – my truth
and the only friend
I'm talking with
is you

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