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Damage Dancer - text


Busted and bruised with your face in the dirt
Losing your grip once again
You simply refuse to follow the herd
Constantly dodging the pain

The dance begins, the world starts turning
Round and round and round
Get in the ring, oh, we are yearning
White-knuckled, Hell-bound

Hatred and love
Strike from above
The legion of the damage dancers
Humility and pride
Stand side by side
The legion of the damage dancers

Unbent, unbroken one sidestep ahead
Ducking the blows as they come
Fury unspoken you're back from the dead
Taking them down one by one

Compassion and rage
Strike from the stage
The legion of the damage dancers
Pleasure and pain
Come down like rain
The legion of the damage dancers

Text přidal Efai

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Damage Dancer

Gun Barrel texty

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