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When She Cries - text


I've got a woman who knows who I am
She tells me little things I need to hear when I feel less of a man
See I got a woman who can turn hot into cold
A pretty little girl yet a woman who won't do what she's told
But when she cries, oh when she cries, oh when she cries
A part of me dies

Have you met a lady that can change your every thought?
Make your life flip upside down and knew what you saw
It's that kind of woman who has a firm grasp on me yeah
But what she's gonna do with my heart I have to wait and see
Oh but when she cries, but when she cries, oh when she cries
A part of me dies

Have you lost a woman on a boat ride to hell
It's not a fun feeling lost deep in that well
Her thoughts and confusion I'm left with to deal
Saying I still love you, what the hell should I feel?
Oh then she cried, then she cried, do you believe that she cried
Oh and a part of me died, a part of me died, oh just a part of me died
Oh everytime

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