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Skeleton - text


Tell me whatchu think 'bout that?
Runnin' through my city with a baseball bat
Swing on mutha'fuckas 'till their brains go splat
Music is my weapon I'ma run like that

So tell me whatchu think 'bout that?
Hit 'em with the chrome 'till they dome go flat
Never going home I'm my own doormat
Wipe your fuckin' feet when you step like that
Step right back into the motion of your sickness
I am just a witness
You get no forgiveness
Swallow all your demons and check 'em off of your hitlist
Shout your mantra out and watch the smoke roll when I hit this
Get this lit a then I pass it off to you
Runnin outta swishers and miss grass soup too
I was making a grilled cheese and then I looked over at you
Realized my future consists of nurturing you
And purchasing all this ganja cause I miss you fucking so
Am I trippin at the thought of you, are you just an echo?
Ever feel like letting go?
Cause baby you're not alone
I'm falling in love with you
More than you could ever know

And I dont think you wanna leave
Its the venomous monstrosity that lives inside of me
Yelling a ton of irrational things I don't believe
Kills me slowly with the poison and I can not breathe
And I can not speak
Cause my thoughts so loud
I just wanna see you happy wanna make you proud
I'll finish another round
I'm drinkin' until I drown
Fading out from the crowd
A skeleton in the clouds

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