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Shadow - text


I see them looking at me
From right outside of my window
I see the monsters that creep
They lurk when I'm sparkin' my indo
Holdin' the smoke 'till I choke
I won't breathe 'till it exit my airways
Copin' by I'm hopin' tomorrow is better
I dwell in the stairway
Fuck it, I just wanna drive
I love the feelin' of feelin' alive
Do you ever contemplate suicide?
Fallin' asleep on his shoulder while I
Cry in my pillow alone in my bed
Smother the sound of the voice in my head
Losin' my voice so I speak with a pen
Writin' agendas so I can pay rent

This is my life
This is not shit you can cut with a knife
No tension here but the stress is as thick as the buds I've been breakin' and smokin'all night
Why do I write all about me?
Why can't you see all the things that I see?
Am I alive, is my brain just pullin' tricks on me?
Get out alive or just live in a dream

Sorry I suck
I'm full of shit, I do not give a fuck
I got disorders and folders inside of me, tucked
Undiagnosed but I know I am fucked
Up in my head
Writin' about it again and again
It's gettin' harder to write songs about flowers
When showers are cold & my phone's always dead

I think that I am fine
When I'm alone in my
Bed with my bong packed tight
My throat's been sore all night
Sip that water quick
Before you might get sick
Tacks and thorns will prick
My words will never stick

My words will never stick
My words will never stick
My words will never stick

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