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Moonlight - text


Ay, ay, ay
Seven past seven, my brains fucking split
Rolling that dough but we smoking a brick
Wowie, wowie got me faded as shit
Purple urkle got me geekin' like-

Gas in my pocket that I got for the low
Blowin' a cloud that's as thick as your hoe
Swimmin' in paper, I'm countin' my dough
Fuckin' your bitch and you already know

I stay grindin' for my team, ay
You be lookin' right at me, ay
Sippin' on coke and J.D.,
Uzi, I'm losin' my speech, ay

Spark a blunt and let it gas out
Get so gone and prolly pass out
I don't know if I can last now
I'm just too lost in my past now

I was a kid
Back in the purple and takin' a rip
Watch me unfold like the smoke from my lip
Baby you already know how I live

Gettin' so high that I'm glowin' like gold
Drippin' in Gucci my head to my toe
She say she love me but she take it slow
I never know, like the taste in the back of my throat

I've been tryna figure out
All that's inside of my head and what I'm all about
Cause honestly I have got my own doubts
Water the garden and get the fuck out

I don't wanna feel like this, no
Mourin' I'll never be missed, so
Take the blade against my wrist, clench
My heart inside of your fist

And go
Leave me all alone
Yeah, I'm settin' on my phone
Waitin' for you to come home, you to come home

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