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Lavender - text


It's the same ol' shit from the same ol' kid
Keep the marijuana rolled for the road when I dip
Arizona in the bag and a god damn Twix
And my whip skirt off, steady rollin' to the six
I got too much shit to do and too much on my mind
Writin' bars all day, makin' beats all night
And that guap don't stack cause this shit online
Lil' criptic motha fucka like I'm RL Stein

I'm fine, I'm fine
Tryin' real hard, but the sun don't shine
Hope these shitty days realign my spine
Cause perfect ain't an option when you've got my mind

Same old objective, tryna find myself progress
But I keep givin' up now, it's the same fuckin' process
Guess I'm just in too deep now and the sum is to digress
But I'll never give up cause that's just too much to digest
But I'm smokin' and blowin' these clouds like it's nothin'
I'm lost in my seams, rollin' trees till I'm buzzin'
Thought these drugs would help, made me somethin' I wasn't
I'm catchin' my flight next week, visit my cousin

I'm lost in the sauce and I've been there
Got a couple of problems that been there
Thinkin' I could outrun it, you been there?
Cause it's scary and I hope you take care
Of yourself and I will too
Ataraxy, here's to a new you
Hope you take care of yourself, cause I will too
Ataraxy, here's to a new you

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