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I find it hard to find myself in the mist
Fighting off these fucking demons with a blunt on my fist
Peroxide is the queen
Alcohol is the prince
Yours truly is a (?) giving (?)

No fucking bandages can fix this lonely stoner
I'm a pilot in a world full of lives without an owner
Tryna find an empty vessel
Maybe I could be a donor
Sitting gracefully and waiting your arrival
I'm kidding
I'm fucking anxious, in desperate need of revival
I'm sorry that I'm so broken
You make me less suicidal
A panic switch in the distance but yet
You remain idle, I love you
More than I probably should
I mean my heart is heavy for you
Heavier than the wood
Holding everything together right above where we stood
But now I never mind, don't tell me that you're up to no good

Even though you're probably sittin' there and studying for your classes
I'm thinking 'bout all the dudes you'll probably be fucking smashin'
I'm laughing
'Cause every problem solely exist in my atlas
My vision was 20/20 but now I think I need glasses
This blurry life's got me caught up in a net
Sun shining on me but my state of mind is not connect
I just wanna free myself from these thoughts full of regret
Can you please bring my walls down so I can just reset

Listening to you talk is my forte
The way you structure your sentences is just so gourmet
And when I see the way you walk in through that doorway
I'm picturing my head between your legs on some foreplay
I'm kissing blunts not kissing sluts, don't worry bo
The last thing I wanna do is make you worry too
'Cause honestly that will probably be the death of you
Surviving on my own is impossible
You ain't got a clue

And when I step up in the ride
I find my mind contemplate suicide
I try to hide this side
'Cause I know you don't wanna abide
To these dark thoughts that I confine
But I'm alive
'Cause someone told me I'm more than what meets the eye
She's the fallin' cherry blossoms in my cotton candy sky
A bullet can leave a rifle ending everything that I
Have stumbled over to get here, I'm simply more than a guy, I

I'm high
Got me feelin' so high
My lil' mango an' I
Forever goes through my mind

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