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Evergreen - text


All I think about is you
Baby you makin' the sky the perfect shade of blue
Didn't think I'd live to see the day that I met you
Changing my perspective, its affective, well past due

3AM and I can't sleep
Coughing so hard that I can't speak
Fallin' to the floor cause I'm mad weak
Yeah I think it's been a pretty bad week
Lost inside these thoughts full of regret
I'm not capable of loving you to the fullest extent
Think I'm dying slowly living in this vessel that I met
Wish that I could solve my problems with this paper and a pen but
I've been thinkin' bout what we could do
Maybe lie in bed for hours till we're feelin' brand new
Baby, I could buy you roses and some champagne too
Anything to make you love me more than you already do
And how you feelin' lately?
I'm so fucking high, I swear I'm smokin' on the daily
Falling out of frame, you call my name but I'm so hazy
Man I swear to god I'm fallin' off, I'm going crazy

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