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Dragonfruit - text


Swervin' cause the bass be knockin' in the cut
Sippin' Fiji water, drippin' in my cup
Got that marijuana all up in my lungs
You know that I always gotta hit the blunt

There's no fixation, I'm finally erasin' my thoughts when I open up
Caught in a mix when I'm sparkin' that spliff, coughin' flem, now I'm throwin' up
I'm gray like my hair, I'm not certain of where I can run cause I'm growin' up
Always so anxious, cover me with blankets, don't tell me I'm blowin' up
I don't want that, I just wanna be the voice of the youth
The ones that just hide, it's inside of their minds so I'll project the truth
Shoutin' obscenities, tryna get rid of me, stained glass in my
Eyes they are focused, I'm planting a lotus inside of my mind

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