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Cold (feat. guccihighwaters) - text


I said, I'm cold
You said, let's go
I said, I'm cold
You said, let's go

I think about it like everyday
Smokin' the potent, warnin' for my health
But I think I'm doing just fine with myself

Maybe I'm lying, but who can relate?
I've been cryin', I'm all over the place
Feels like I'm dying, I won't hesitate

Fuck the pain, I wanna fuck it up
And I'ma fade away inside my double cup
Don't sip the lean, I got Cîroc and punch
Got a blunt in hand, I'm tryna fuck me up

Never gave a fuck about myself at all
And now I'm sobbing inside of a bathroom stall
Don't like myself, it feels like I'ma fall
Real hard one day and prolly end it all

End it all, I'm bound to fall
Into the the lifestyle that I used to know
You should go, don't hit my phone
You never reach me when I'm all alone

Get dumb high, while I get super low
All black fit, like a fuckin' crow
She unzip my coat, turn to a ghost
Like I'm Casper, she enlight the snow

Well, I've been fuckin' with these vices, got me feelin' lost
Life's just got too cold, it's cold don't care 'bout what it costs
I should go, because it hurts when you keep acting up
I should get my shit together before it's too cold

I said, I'm cold
You said, let's go
I said, I'm cold
You said, let's go

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