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Astrals - text


Nightmares when I go sleep
Gold teeth in my white tee
Sippin' AZ in my Nike's
Got that kush rollin' out my psyche
Marijuana clouds in my room
It's my tune
So when I die bury me with my swishers too
I'm sick in the head
I'm rolling sticky and I cop
You could get it for the low but I just do not fuck with you
You ain't got that loud pack
In my backpack
I'm smooth cruising and losing my fucking head, man
80K on a single and I don't flex
'Cause these people fucking feelin' me
0 knock in the checks
Bounce back if you want to
That ain't like you
On competition you wishin' I was just like you
But I am simply sparkin' it (?)
Gettin' high playing RollerCoaster Tycoon

Yeah, you drunk
Yeah, you high
You been on for this shit
In the dark blue sky
In an astral abyss

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