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Traveling Light (feat.Joel Hansen) - text


Well i was doublin' over the load on my shoulders
Was a weight I carried with me everyday Crossin' miles of frustrations and rivers a ragin'
Pickin' up stones I found along the way

I staggered and I stumbled down pathways of trouble I was haulin' those souvenirs of misery
And with each step takin' my back was breakin' Til I found the one who took it all from me.

Down by the riverside(Down by the riverside)
I laid my burdens down, now I'm travelin' light
my spirit lifted high (I found my freedom now)
i found my freedom now, and i'm travelin' light

Through the darkest alleys and loneliest valleys
I was draggin' those heavy chains of doubt and fear
Then with one word spoken the locks were broken now he's leading me to places where there are no tears

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