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Wake Me Up (Amnesia) - text


Woke up a stranger in a life I never thought I’d lead

The danger when I put my hope and faith in me
It’s a battle, there’s a waring deep inside of me
Who will I choose, me or you

‘Cause I forget the things that I should do
And I do the things I shouldn’t
And I find myself working hard to just forget
All that I did I said I wouldn’t
Bring me back to the days of me remembering
That your love, it has no limits
So who will I choose, me or you

Won’t you wake me up when my faith is asleep
You’ve never let me go, bring back my memory
You bring these bones to life when you breathe into me
Remind me how much I need ya when I get amnesia
Wake me up

Help me remember you love me
When my thoughts deceive my fragile heart, I know that you’re for me
Even when my world’s fallin apart, with you, there’s no worry
You’ve planned my life from the start
Now what do I do, I choose you

When I lose my hope, show me all that you’ve done
And how you kept me close when I wanted to run
Your love, it makes me whole when I come undone
Remind me how much I need you
When I get amnesia
Wake me up

Remind me who I am
I’m not who I used to be
You wiped away my past
And now I stand a brand new me, so wake me up

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