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I’ll patiently wait
For you to come my way
And I won’t hesitate when you
Make a way right to my heart
And I’ll patiently wait
Till that one sweet day
That you’ll appear in my life
I won’t know when or why but can’t wait
Till I meet you one day

I remember the days when my momma would tell me
You’re too busy runnin round need to calm always lookin for love, she told me love ain't easy baby believe me,
It can break your heart make you fall apart so you gotta be careful there’s no need to rush it
Now I’m getting older and each winters getting colder now, hope I’ll find you somehow

There’s been so many mistakes that I made in the past, love so good that I thought it would last, but you went away and you ain’t lookin back so I’m left with the pain and a heart made of glass, why, that I could ask all day, lie to myself that I’m so ok, try to get past my regret and change cuz my heart still beats to the pace of a faith that believes that the best of my life is still, on the horizon so blindingly real if I hold close to his beautiful will then I’ll find what I’m looking for chill,
With the girl that was made for me, so dang fly gotta hide her wings, I’ll just wait till the day we meet but for now I’ll sing that I’ll patiently wait

1234 the time ticks and I’m still waiting for ya
4321 I’m countin down the days till I know ya

Let me hear the song bird sing I wonder what song it’ll sing would it be a frank Sinatra hit or maybe it be a tune by nat king Cole my story is tad difficult I’d be the one who would bolt after running game like the colts in return I hurt the most but its been a long time coming switched the play list my soundtrack is hummin a new theme song featuring yours truly this is what we call a sing along

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