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I Know [feat. Jor’dan Armstrong] - text


I be on that, never gotta think about the on ramp
All I gotta do is put my cap back
And just bump that like it’s on, man
I’m like Jordan, and it’s all net
Errtime I get up on the mic, swish
I ain’t even gotta try ta fight this
I’m like facebook ‘cause you like this

I just might get craaazy, lovin every minute he saaaved me
Never think about what I’d do without ‘cause I never doubt
That he knew what he did, what he did when he made me
I’m street tested, God made
Knew I had a gift from the first grade
I got mad hate, but tell me where they at...I don’t see ya, partna

I know that you’re with me
I know that you’re with me
Nothin can stop me
Haters can watch me
But I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin
You can catch me, you can catchin me wit
Windows down, laid back ridin real slow (x4)

You can catch me on that Melrose, wasteland, thrift stow
Why pay mo when you can go, get a little come up, Macklemo
And I’m not ashamed to rock nice clothes, got nice shoes, them J Fours
And they watchin me a little too close
Like they hopin I would just die broke
And they really think that I’m too flashy
What, homie, that been me
Bought a crib for my mom, all cash, see what
Don’t tellem that’s rap, see
They say we brag a lot ‘cause we cocky
Rolex, so they watch me
But I don’t care what I got, see
Only care ‘bout the one who got me

They tellin me, homie, you need to slow down
But I ain’t the type that will follow a crowd
I tellem I live in the fast lane
So, baby, catch up or you slowin me down
I ain’t got time for the ones
Saying that I ain’t the one
Who can be bigger than haters, who hatin my run
I only follow the one, son
I’m in these streets like I'll never give up
Hustle so hard, this the life that I love
No one can stop what’s already been written
I’m fitten to answer the question, what’s up, I am
Never gonna be the one that wonders what I'm here for
Been a long year, and it's only getting better
When I let the world know what the truth be
If you hang better hang loosely
Can't nobody move me, uh uh
Yeah, life like a movie, uh huh
I just follow the script my director has written ‘cause he knows the ending so, baby, what's up

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