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Heaven (feat. Jonathan Thulin) - text


I can feel heaven falling down
all around me
I can feel heaven falling down
all around me
I can feel he-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-
I can fell he-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-ea-
Drop it

I be on that new stuff
That thing that you ain't heard of
It's out this world exclusive
Like heaven movin' through us
It's supersonic tech mode
And don't confuse with techno
While they be on the flesh mode
I stay up in the fresh mode

Shimmy shimmy
Like the Holy Ghost up your body
We can get it started
The sky is falling so tell somebody
We can push this harder
And take it take it farther
Til all my people caught up
Yeah, I can feel it

Heaven my parameter
This thing give stamina
See that futuristic stuff
So sweet so drop the camera
Feel so good I'm floating
To where you put your hope in
I see the gates, they open
So do it like my motion

I can feel, I can feel
I can feel, I can feel
Heaven falling

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