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All Your Good Friends - text


Who will lend you ready cash?
all your old friends
who will want it back like that?
all your good friends
who will keep your secrets safe
put all of their problems on your plate?
all your good friends

Who can see the real you?
all your old friends
who sticks their oar in everything you do?
all your good friends

Who helps you fill the pool coupons in
but then won't pay you when you win?
all good friends do
your good old friends do

They're always there to count on
they'd do anything for you
oh, if only there were time
you'd surely miss them
they talk without a pause for breath
with all the latest gossip
until your ears go deaf

Who has always believed in you?
all your good friends
they never said, they just thought you knew...
all your good friends

They've known you since you were knee-high
as they tell every passer-by...
all your friends here, your good old friends here

When you're past the worst of it
you only want to life it up a bit -
they come to you then with deals to sign
because you all have a real good time
oh, they're always at the door
oh, they're always going to let you know the score
oh, you and your girlfriend just can't be alone
they're at the entry-phone !

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Luxus (Englisch)

Herbert Grönemeyer texty

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