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The Lies That Bind Us - text

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Privileged we were, the chosen few we were led to believe.
Independent media reports and education designed to distort.
Now the sacred blood of our forefathers is flowing through the street gutters.
Scapegoats of hate are now bound together and led to the altar of total onslaughter.
The lies that bind us lay broken behind us.
In the dust of silence the truth shall remind us.
We taught our children the white man's justice.
Vengeance is rising, retribution upon us.
Now in the spirit to reconcile, justice is served too late.
Public outcries of indecision, clouding our moral vision.
In our mind's eye we can sympathize but we still couldn't give a fucking shit.
Perceptions may change but the legacy of our past will always remain.
It binds us, it blinds us, it finds us, will never ever be behind us.

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