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The sun is burning
There's no water to be found
Your fate's to walk the desert
With your load forever on
Your load is all the fates
Of the ones you left behind
Your load is the misery
Of those you misled until blind
Here's for your sins
Prepare for your ride
Welcome to forever
Time to pay for your lies
Your lungs out in agony
For mercy in vain
Explore the atrocity
Live forever in pain!
Pleading with your eyes in confusion
Crying tearless in fear
Drooling vultures circling above
Getting ready for their meal
You dream of the day
With a flame in your heart
When your dues have been paid
And you will be set free
But no man alive will ever hear your plea
And the worst of it all:
The worst is yet to be!
Here's for your sins...

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