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Half asleep – half awake
Endlessly stumbling around
Tired of figuring out what went wrong
And wondering where I belong
Show me a drug that will set my mind free
Show me something that I can believe
Being a liar myself, who's to blame?
No way to erase the shame
The old man told the young man
Work hard, stay true, tell no lies
How come these words of wisdom
Failed to open up my eyes
No excuse for my past mistakes
No excuse for my sins
No one but myself to blame
This is where it begins..
The gentle embrace of water
Turns the fear into relief
My eyes are getting weary
I'm sinking...
Closer to the end
Be my guide and friend
End this life for now
For a second time around
Here in my peaceful seabed
Out of anyone's view
From here I'll start my journey
To something clean and new
Closer to the end...

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