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I can see the dollarsigns in your eyes
Your papers and budgets and lies
Sick of introducing myself
Put someone else on your bottom shelf
Enough taking orders from dead men
Enough directives, enough trends
No longer gonna watch you steal
Now it's your turn to sign my deal
Move, you bastards, for those who believe
Burn all your papers - time to leave
Watch your empire crumble to dust
Say hello to your - New Boss!
Bring me my coffee, hire me a girl
Welcome to a different world
Don't bother to think - you're only my tools
Better get used to play by my rules
Move, you bastards...
Last chorus:
Raise your glasses for those who believe
Burn all the papers, time to receive
Watch their empire crumble to dust
Say it loud: In Rock We Trust!

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No Holds Barred

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