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The air is freezing
My mind is fading
I can't breathe

Cast a tear to the wind and watch it all fall apart
Ring side on the execution of heart
'Cause you shoulda seen it coming so you could play into the part
Instead of hiding under the covers and throwing hope to the stars with a last wish
You've got a smile like a lashed whip, slashed open with a ticket for the last kiss
Little lover with a dagger in your cracked ribs
Trying to pull the battle out and leave it on a bad tip, laugh
Cause nobody questions the clown 'til the paint washes off and the water weighing us down to the ground
Picking shattered pieces of the crown out that bloody little holes left whittled in your brow
When it broke open, leaving you out of reach, with a mouth full of love songs scratching at your teeth
Put the black cat back on his feet, and stop acting like you never had a chance to be free
You're a prisoner now.

Break me outta here I'm freezing
Chain made out of fear
Break me outta here, I'm fading
Rain made out of tears

Tragedy, its like a new age drug stuck straight into the veins of your two-faced love
Day dreamin' of when you taste blood, and get to pass that lit torch with the blue flame up
With a cross to bare, heavy metal with your black lung breathin', stuck
No power for the last one leaving, all your cracked words leaking out your mouth
Now leaving you a blank slate looking for peace, and all you wanted was a hide out right?
A nice place for you to learn to lie down and die when the time don't fly
You should learn now that time don't slide in the direction of those tears pouring out your eyes
You should have seen it, or felt it, traced around its body with a felt tip, and glue its image onto your self
They shoulda told you its closer to a heavenly hell
Instead of forcing you to smile when the breath in you fails
You're just a prisoner now

Break me outta here I'm freezing
Chain made out of fear
Break me outta here, I'm fading
Rain made out of tears
I can't breathe

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