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Front Foot Planted - text


I break it open like a fire's inside so you should step back
and get a safe view from the other side of the paint glass
this whole world's pokin' at me tryin' to get me jet black
to open up my hands and accept it like it's the best pass
you can keep what you're sellin', I never needed for anything that I couldn't reach for myself
and I'm fine with it never objecting the time applied in it, my vision, never projecting anything I didn't
and that's the way that I like it, keep your claws away from me and everybody I fighted
I keep a lot of what I see inside my heart and ignite into an artistic expression that makes me feel like I'm high
and I ride for the principle, [?] my individual, never letting it slide on the other side of the fence for you
it's my breath I use and don't know a damn thing that anybody out there attempting to try to brand me

Don't ask us why 'cause we don't have answers
front foot planted, we don't move backwards
questions arise with those destined to die
left with their pride and a quest to survive [x2]

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