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Lost souls, swallowed by the soil
Awake the from your slumber
Haunting shadows whispers to me
Their whispering words, rains from the skies
Fills my emptiness, fills my soul

The hunger want to feed
There the blood of the ancient boils
The hunger want to feed
There I can feee the bestial bloodstained teeth
The hunger want to feed
Embrace me the goddess of death
The hunger want to feed
We fall with thee to the devils deep

Awaiting for darkness, forevermore
An inner spirit whispers to me
It awakes me from my slumber
It feeds and consumes my soul
It takes me deeper and takes me down
To the devils deep

A magic symbol arises in the east
It's the mark of the beast
The mark I for centuries need
Sons of vengeance, arise and the world be one

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