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Meet me on the otherside
Meet me on the otherside
See you on the otherside
See you on the otherside
Honey, now if im honest
I still dont know what love is
Another Mirage Falls
Till the head the times will call
now the flood gates cannot hold
Oh my sorrow oh my rage
Teardrops fall in every page
Meet me on the...
Maybe I oughta mention
Was never my intention
To harm you or your kin
Are you so scared to look within
The ghost are crawling on your skin
We may race and we may run
We'll not undo what has beeh done
Or change the moment when it's gone
Meet me on the...
I know it would be outrageous
To come on all courageous
And offer you my hand
To pull you up on to dry land
When all I got is sinking sand
The trick ain't worth the time it buys
I'm sick of hearing my own lies
And love's a raven when it flies
Meet me on the...
Honey know if I'm honest
I still don't know what love is

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