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Nothing Like Senses - text


Submitting to your everything
I am your prey, you are the vulture
Let me feel my lowest state
In your control, at your command

Make me kneel and make me fall
I am your slave, you are my mistress
Give me all that you have got
To give severe beating

Fantasies and romanticise
Give me all that you have got
For I need severe beating

Now look in my eyes and see my fear
Now feel my pulse, yes you can feel?
I need severe beating

Tie me up and make me scream
Ask me for more, just let me dream
Offer less and make me cry

Give me more, my streaming eyes
Spit on my face and call me names
Piss on me, make me a shame

Strangle me, save me from death
Let me die, reanimate
Force me down then drag me up
Mercy gone, now pain surrounds

Everywhere I´m going to drown
Drag me out, then throw me back
Don´t save my life, ignore my plead
Against my will, you still succeed

Fantasies and romanticise
Give me all that you have got
Need severe beating

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