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I've been sittin' by the train tracks
I've been waiting for the train train
If one doesn't come soon I don't know what I'm going to do
I've got to get back home
Mama don't you worry
'Cause I'm coming home
Mama don't you worry
'Cause I'm coming home
I've been sittin' in the school house
I've been learning right from wrong
But they told me not to ramble and they told me not to sing
So I have gone for to travel
Now I'm riding on the train train
Watching the country waving bye bye
My guitar it has grown heavy while I've been growing thin
My traveling feet are tired from all the places that I've been
Now I'm walking down the highway
My troubles are forgotten in my footsteps
The rain it starts to fall but I don't mind at all
I am baptized by the roadside and I am born again
Now the sun is out a shining
And the grass is dancing round my toes
But there's nothing earth or sky
Like a mother's shining eyes
I've got to get back home

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