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A House In Massachusetts - text


Last year my dad got all excited

About our house in massachusetts

He wanted to make outside of it look real nice

Real nice like the other real nice houses in massachusetts

So he put on a big addition and hired this young kid

To come and plant lots of plants around the outside of the house

Dad watered them every day oh he took such good care of them

It looked really nice, if you're into that kind of thing

And in the backyard he put in a little pond by the patio

And a little waterfall where the water always flowed

Up through a little tube in the little pond that brought the water to the top

And there were even little fish, I think they were orange

But then one massachusetts winter came we got about four feet of snow

And the plants were all buried, and the pond? I think it froze

The fish probably died, but I'll probably never know

'Cause when springtime comes I'm most likely going to louisiana

Or maybe pittsburgh. I'm not really sure yet. I'll let you know.

One December morning dad and I got up real early

And took the dogs down to the old sledding hill

No one else was there so we left our footprints proudly in the snow

And it felt just like the old days back when I was half as old

Oh I was not so old. how did I get so old?

We stood for a long time, a good long time up there on the hill

While the dogs barked and ran around like they were crazy

And I could hardly feel it through my big red winter jacket

When dad put his arm on my shoulder and he said

"Look at the way the snow climbs in the trees

It's nice. it's real real nice."

And if I were bob dylan I'd use that little story

As a jumping off point to teach you all a lesson

About sharing about caring about the uselessness of staring

At all of the things that we collect

That we call our wealth

But I am not bob dylan, even though I've got curly hair

And play the guitar and my voice is kind of whiny

No I am not bob dylan, but I'm also not too sure who I am

So maybe I should just shut up

But while I've got these two chords buzzing I may as well keep talking

See if I might have something to say

Sometimes I get so scared and I think the world is ending

And you and I are the last chance we have left

And other times I sit on the ground and I look at things

Like stars and planets and little tiny bugs

And mostly I just feel small

And like I shouldn't think too much at all

I definitely think too much these days

What a fucking crazy time for us to be alive.

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