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It's Not Easy - text


Don't want you with me
But I need you around
All the love for you
Baby I'm going down
Can't help to touch you
When you are looking at me
Baby I got to
Really live on my need

I grew up and come down
I'm losing it now
Enough is enough
I'm tired to full around
I grew up and come down
I keep my feet on the ground
Enough is enough
I keep my head out of clouds
It's not easy [repeats]
Being in love with you

No it's not that easy no no

You took my love away
And flew away with the key
Don't even give a...
Now you're talking with me
You do the same things
Keep... round in my mind
Now you tell me you love me
But this will never be right

Memories of your love
I guess in time we will see what you are
Girl I'm sick to fight every day
But you constantly tear my heart away
When you kiss me like that

It's not easy [repeats]
Being in love with you

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