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Lepanto's Call - text

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The saint army run through the sea
To stop the advance of the Turkish fleet
The only hope is victory
The Pope launches his blessing on
All of the people, fight for God!
The wind is now on our side
Kneeling down I prayed God
Together with all my men
To grant us the victory in this day
Blood and tears
The silence now is near
Around the battlefield
There are hundreds of ships
Dark and cold is
The line before of the storm
Beyond it there is the fall
We have not to cross
The Lion's ships open the dance
Shooting with cannons destroy the heads
The battle of the Lepanto begins
Turks displaced by Christian power
Looking for the flagship to end the match
But Venice masters make the wall
Don John calls loud the charge
Doria comes back face to face
The Lightning is ready to hit with its last shot
Strong and fast this is a sea of death
The horn sounds the last assault
It strikes with angry like a storm
Waterfall of steel and lead to close
The way of safety we are so near to win

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