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Doge tell me about your secret
Your legend was born so long ago
From the ancient families
"Primus Inter Pares"
Symbol of aristocracy
You're not a weight for the poor
Notary of your people
When the reign is in peace you're a supreme judge
You sit at the head of town's councils
But in times of war you command all the fleet
And lead Venice army to victory
Doge leader of the Church of Saint Marc
Religious independence reigns in town
Protect many persecuted
From the roman power
Elected from a true council
Represents us until his death
To other royals
From your golden ship you throw the ring into the sea
In the ascension day we celebrate our domain
With this sacred rite you marry us to the sea
And this legacy will be repeated every spring
"He is our lord, the Dux, if you like"
He's elected by our major council
Now the time has come and you are crowned
On the giant's scale of the ducal home

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