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Backstage with the Modern Dancers - text

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Backstage with the modern dancers
She was stretching her arms
Configuring her body
While they were breathing, they were shouting
She was concentrating on her breathing
And didn't seem to mind
As I sat there on the couch
And tuned my guitar
And played a few chords
Like roses growing their thorns
Getting ready to perform
With bare feet and painted faces
They took their places
On shivering legs beneath colourful gowns
And out there on the wooden floors
The sweat from their pores
I'm writing a list
Of songs I can sing by myself
Backstage with the modern dancers
Who feel it, like I do
Like I feel it, like I feel it
Backstage with the modern dancers
Getting ready to go on
She showed me her spin
With a beauty lit from within

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