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Straight To Hell - text


Love me now while we're alive
It's the best thing we can do
We'll have no time upon Cloud Nine
So Heaven on Earth will have to do
I can sing like a bird
And dance like a demon
And I do it all so well
'Cause I made a deal with the Devil
And when I die
I'm going Straight to Hell
Oh Yeah
I'm going Straight to Hell

Standing at the Crossroads
He offered wine women and song
Riches, Fame and Fortune
In my hands from that day on
I was granted there and then
A life of Rock and Roll
It seemed like such a bargain
For just one eternal soul
I know I'll curse this damned decision
And I'll regret it the moment I fall
But I'll be making the most
of a bad situation
Till my number is called

Sometimes I swear I've come out on top
In this ill conceived contract
There's nights I say
it's a small price to pay
For the life and times I've had
I think "Here's to the Gents and Ladies
And the foolish times we spent
They cost me Afterlife in Paradise
And they were worth every single cent"
So have a dance
with the walking damned
Before my time is done
A deal is a deal and I really doubt
Fire and Brimstone will be much fun

I have every expectation
That my final prayers will go unheard
And my veiled death bed confession
Will not move the Mighty Lord
I'm sure that I'll be sorry
When he slams St. Peter's Gate
But I'll dive right into damnation
With a smile across my face

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